Fashion in Style is a creative boutique tailoring, alteration and fashion shop. In 2002 Fashion in Style has opened its doors in Eastlake, Ohio, and, since then, has tailored and altered clothes for thousands of clients including, lawyers, teachers, mayors, doctors, policemen, TV personalities, brides and so many others. Our clients keep coming back because they are used to have their ideas tailor-made.

Fashion in Style fuses tradition, passion and skill to create and make each of their clients experience well fitted suit, dress or uniform. Everybody deserves to wear clothes with a perfect fit. Our mission is to create custom-made clothing in one size only, because your size is a unique size.

      I had a bridesmaid dress altered here. It ended up being over $100. No big deal, I get it. I went to pick up my dress on the day it was promised and it wasn't ready. They asked if I could come back the next day. So I did, I quickly tried it on and they promised it was good, and I wasn't even completely zipped and buttoned up. Since they were busy, I figured "okay, they know what they're talking about. I told them exactly what I wanted, so it should be good". I take it home and it's way too short, when I specifically asked for more length that it would drag, and now it barely covers my feet standing. And the other issues I asked to be fixed were altered, but not to how I needed them to be fixed. So they're still a problem. If they had zipped and buttoned me up while I was there instead of rushing off to do other things and telling me it was good, I would have noticed these problems and not have felt terrible in a dress that I paid over $100 to feel better in. Their system seems inefficient. The two times I was there, they couldn't find other people's clothes and had to continuously ask for their name and what the article of clothing was because they had misplaced it. Twice.

    thumb Logan A.